Real Asset Management( RAM) has been developing asset solutions for finance professionals for over 25 years. RAM’s experience and wealth of knowledge has enabled the company to produce functionally rich products across many industry sectors.  

Real Asset Management's specialist GAAP compliant fixed asset management software can control, track and record every change that occurs during an asset's lifetime, such as asset status, history and location. It encompasses depreciation processing and forecasting, lease accounting, capital expenditure control and asset tracking/physical auditing.

Asset 4000 : Management of Corporate Fixed Assets

Track 4000: state-of-the-art asset tracking solution, which assists the auditing process by using barcodes and the latest in portable scanning technology to carry out fast and accurate physical audits at minimal cost.

  • Fully compatible with RAM's Asset4000 modules and also with a number of hand-held scanning devices
  • Provides an accurate, validated, and consistently current database
  • Details such as make, model or serial number are displayed in a scrollable format on the hand-held unit.
  • Verify and check actions arising as a result of the audit prior to updating the register.

Workflow 4000 :is a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) tool that can be layered over any of the Real Asset Management (RAM) Series4000 modules.

  • Never forget a critical action date again.
  • Reduce redundant manual tasks.
  • Auto-monitor assets, leases, projects and maintenance plans 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
  • Reduce wasted time and money correcting avoidable errors.
  • Reduce labor by automating common tasks.
  • Leverage more from investing in Series4000.
  • Can be utilized with all GL, ERP and CRM systems that use ODBC databases (such as MS SQL and Oracle).
  • Works with most email systems, including Outlook and Lotus.
  • Automatic notifications can be sent via email, fax or text message.
  • Advanced features include the ability to auto generate a report and send it to a manager as well as a dashboard system to manage alerts.