GiftBox Systems is a web-based software for charities. Built on the latest Microsoft .Net technology, it includes functions such as: managing donors, volunteers, members, beneficiaries, client cases; donation processing, tax exemption processing, publication management, and follow-ups and alerts.

GiftBox helps charities increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by eliminating much manual paperwork.  The built-in functionality of audit trails, authorisation mechanism and internal check and control makes the donation process secure and conforms to audit requirements.

Charity Management System

GiftBox will help charities to:

  • Centralise important data in one easily accessible location.
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Increase efficiency by automating administrative processes.
  • Inform more people about the charity’s goals.
  • Easily and instant communicate with donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, clients and members.
  • Provide and support efficient and effective fundraising activities.
  • Enhance financial clarity by connecting to back-end accounting systems.
  • Adopt the best practices through the use of audit trails, authorisation mechanisms, electronic banking, and local authority (e.g. Tax) reporting.
  • Enable self-service by through a volunteer portal for updating profiles, membership application and viewing individual service records.
  • Engage more volunteers by facilitating recruitment, orientation, evaluation and recognition of volunteer
  • Enable member management functions such as registrations, renewals, fee collections, and communications.


Donor Relationship Module

This module features a single repository of data regarding donors and prospects for easier contact management.  This data includes donors’ or prospects’ profile, history of donations, preference in communications and publications, a record of activities relating to the donors or prospects.  This module also simplifies the dissemination of information to donors and prospects.  Publications, letters and announcements can be sent easily to relevant parties through the mail merge feature. With the DIY report system – Query Wizard, you can create and design your own reports required by government and your board members.

Donation Module

This module provides the key functions to automate and streamline the process of donation including printing and issuing receipts; capturing rejected transactions, cancelling or re-processing them; preparing bank-in slips and updating of donors’ activity records.  Donation module can accommodate various types of donations like credit card, GIRO, cheque and cash. It can also issue different receipt formats using templates created from Microsoft Word.

Distribution of donations to events is also captured in this module.  A donation can be instantly allocated to an event during processing as well.  All events can be categorized by groups to facilitate filtering information for comprehensive report analysis.

This module also enables users to synchronize financial information.  Chart of accounts and GL set up are in this module as well, it has easy integration to any accounting software, including Exchequer.

Client Case Module

The needs to manage the provision of services in the community efficiently emphasized the need for a system which is capable of streamlining the planning, scheduling and recording volunteers or staff activities for each client.

Client Case module provides a single point of collection and management of information required at the individual client and organization level. It efficiently manages the provision of services to clients in the community by caregivers in accordance with the resources available. It provides timely and accurate information to support the continuous care and avoids duplicated service deliveries.

This includes the ability to record, schedule, monitor, assess and report on client services, actions, outcome and associated information.

The whole system is designed around client, care giver and referral. The key of the application is the recording of the provision and tacking of case & case activities. i.e. how the services will be provided, who will provide and within what timeframe.

Volunteer Module

Volunteer management is a critical aspect of running a charitable institution.  Simplified administration capabilities injected in this module and provide a quick and easy management of volunteers.  This module provides a portal for volunteers to have instant access to their information, enabling them to update their profile, apply for voluntary service, and register for training or orientation.

Volunteer module simplifies the process of volunteer management.  At one glance, users can evaluate the credentials of the prospective volunteer based on previous projects.

Managing events is a key component of the Volunteer module.  This module offers utilities such as events planning, volunteer calendar, volunteer assignment, volunteers’ service history recording that includes service hours and their contributions.

This module also provides an avenue to constantly communicate with volunteers.  Built-in email sending capability is available to distribute e-newsletter and inform volunteers of upcoming news, events, and training courses.  All communications with volunteers are logged in the system.